I upset that I was going to lose our life.

During the pandemic, several people have found themselves in difficult spots.

From currency matters to health worries, both of us all have had our tough times.

I hoped that when it was announced the pandemic would be over by summer, that they would be right. It has now been a year, and the pandemic is still with us. I needed a modern HVAC system when the pandemic began. Being a senior citizen, I upset about having someone come into our home and install a modern furnace, let alone kneel and talk to our fiance and I. The people I was with and I hadn’t even seen our children for six weeks. I took care of increasing the air filters, hoping I would not have any problems with the HVAC system. Although it wasn’t working as efficiently as it once had, it was still working. My HVAC system is still working, but it has made some poor noises. I knew I had to call the HVAC supplier and have them come out and look at it, and maybe keep it running for a while. When the specialist showed up, he looked at the furnace first. His news was disheartening. He told me that since I had a gas furnace; I had to have some major work done. He said that gas furnaces could emit carbon monoxide if particular things go wrong. He absolutely thought it would be best if I had the furnace replaced as soon as possible. I knew what concerns came with carbon monoxide, and it upset me it could affect mine and our fiance’s life. I don’t want to lose our life or our home. It was time to worry less and purchase the modern furnace.

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