I use the Oven More in the Winter and Don’t use the Heater as Much

Have you ever noticed how wonderful it is to come home to a steaming hot meal on a winter’s day? Similarly, it is enjoyable to be the one doing the cooking, as well as the eating! That is because it just makes sense that you would want to use your oven more when the thermostat dips both outside and inside.

I live in the south, and throughout most of the year, I use the air conditioning; fortunately for me, though, my part of the state does enjoy some change of seasons, so for a few weeks each year, we have the need to run the heater.

That means that we can envelop ourselves in fluffy sweaters and leather boots, and even better, we can feast on hot crusty rolls dipped in the gravy of a pot roast that has been heating the house via the oven all afternoon. In the summer, it seems the best I can do for meals is throwing together a cold salad and picking up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. I hope you don’t want the skin crispy because I am not turning on the oven only to have it fight against my a/c! When the cooler months start rolling in, however, I am thrilled to start wearing forest green and brown, picking up the occasional pumpkin spice latte, and spending the afternoon using the oven as a heater while some delicious stew or oven roast simmers its way into tenderness. I have to use the heating at night, oftentimes to keep the pipes from freezing, but when I am home during the day – on weekends – I am happy to use a throw on the couch and the oven when I am cooking. That way, the heater switch can stay turned off and I can save money!

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