I used to guess an oil gas furnace was all we needed for our heating needs

There was a time when I thought having an oil gas furnace was the best thing for a family living out in the country.

That oil gas furnace kept us moderate plus comfortable over the years, however the cost to refuel was luxurious.

Eventually, my brother started telling me about this good modern type of HVAC known as a ductless HVAC system. I had to ask how an HVAC could function without ductwork, plus he explained; He told me how there were hoses plus wires that went through some tubing that had to be fastened to the outdoor condenser unit. He said up to 8 units could be installed to a single outdoor condenser. I thought that was legitimately interesting, however when he told me there were DIY ductless mini chop systems, I told him I didn’t suppose it. He entirely installed his own HVAC plan plus it worked great. He also talked about the built in air purification that comes with it which has improved the air quality in his home a good deal. When I heard all that, I knew I had to try this modern HVAC system. He helped me install mine plus it wasn’t as challenging as I expected it would be. Ever since having this modern HVAC installed, my energy bills have been much lower plus I don’t guess I would ever go back to using an oil gas furnace! I’m also thinking about having solar panels installed plus after that I would lower my energy bills a good deal too. That’s a single of the best energy saving tips I know.


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