I want a new car

Japanese cars are well built plus particularly beautiful.  While it is tempting to buy a automobile directly from Japan, having the automobile imported to the US is a tedious process.  First of all, you need to choose the automobile you want. You can look online or travel to Japan plus search automobile dealers or auctions.  Not every automobile is a candidate because of US standards for safety plus emissions. Check proper lists to make sure the automobile conforms or can be modified to conform to these requirements.  Look for a Department of Traninterestation (DOT) sticker, regularly situated in the door jamb on the driver’s side of the car. An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sticker is also necessary, plus can be found on the car’s engine.  Without either a single of these stickers, you’ll need a certificate for proof of compliance from the manufacturer of the car. You’ll then need to import the automobile through an independent commercial importer (ICI). The ICI will perform modifications to ensure the automobile meets regulations.  The advantage of working through an ICI is that you can often import a automobile which doesn’t originally comply with US standards. The downside is that the fees for modifying plus importing a automobile through an ICI are super high; A automobile over 25 years outdated does not need to conform to EPA plus DOT standards.  The correct EPA plus DOT forms can be found online plus completed in advance. The form asks for unique information pertaining to the vehicle, such as make, model, status plus ICI if applicable. To complete the CBP (Customs plus Border Protection) form, you’ll need to go to the CBP port where the automobile first enters the US.  The original title or certified copy of the original, completed EPA plus DOT forms, plus manufacturer’s certificate of compliance to standards must be presented at this time.

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