I want a warm house

Ductwork cleaning is the  greatest waste of money in my opinion. I paid for the service once plus I will never do it again. I don’t know what I expected, but I thought it would be something that I clearly could not do. The Heating plus A/C corporation can’t entirely access the ductwork since it is hidden in the walls plus ceiling. The only way the Heating plus A/C professional can get close is through the air vent openings. What the guy does next is shove a giant clean brush up in the vents plus transport it around. That is the extent of duct cleaning. He goes through every air vent plus tries to do a good task, but how does he know? There is no way to see the inside of my Heating plus A/C ducts; So when he felt good about his task, he took my money plus left. I could not find the exact ductwork cleaning clean brush he had, but I figured it would not matter. I have fashioned my own extendable brush plus have cleaned the ductworks through the vents before. I learn online the only danger with DIY ductwork cleaning is causing a tear along the seam in the ductworks. As long as I don’t make a hole, I am good to go. A hole in the ductwork would cause the air to leak outdoors plus my bills to raise. I don’t want to get into that. I know I am being more careful than the Heating plus A/C corporation though. It is my house, so I have more to lose if I make a mistake.

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