I want paternity leave if my coworker gets maternity leave

I work in a male-dominated field, but recently my boss hired a woman to work with us.

In the HVAC repair and installation business, only about 1% of employees are females.

The male-dominated field can be a difficult place for a woman. I’ve been working for the same HVAC contractor for the past 10 years. Last year my boss hired a woman to work on commercial HVAC repairs. About eight months after she was hired, she got pregnant. Now the time is getting ready for her to have the baby and my co-workers and I found out that she qualifies for maternity leave. I’ve been working for the HVAC contractor for 10 years and I have had three children. I have not qualified for paternity leave at all during that time. I’m very upset.. A new employee has only been here for eight months and she already qualifies for six weeks of paid leave. I want paternity leave if my coworkers are going to get maternity leave. I said something to the human resources department of the commercial HVAC contracting company. The woman asked me if I wanted to file a complaint, but I know that everyone in the company will see the complaint. If I start causing problems, I am probably going to end up with the worst repairs and installation jobs that nobody else wants. I have to be totally honest. I really didn’t think this would end up being the problem when the boss hired Sheila. It’s ironic that I’m complaining about being treated fairly. For the first six months Sheila was employed, nobody treated her fairly.

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