I want to get an air cleaner

I want to get an air cleaner as soon as I have the finances to do so.

I have been quite scared with this virus going around. I want to make sure that I have wash air to breathe. I have heard that the virus can spread through the air, so I recognize it is only smart to use an air cleaner. I have some friends who just got an air purification plan installed in their house a few weeks ago. I wish so badly that I could afford to have an air purification plan installed throughout our house, however there is just no way. It would cost like several months salary for me to get an air purification plan installed. I knew that I should have gotten an air cleaner years ago, however I just never got around to it. I have a tendency to procrastinate, in addition to it honestly isn’t good. It would be so nice to have an air cleaner already, however sadly, I don’t have 1, so I am just going to have to wait until our next paycheck. I am pretty sure that I will have the money by our next paycheck. The only thing that could get in the way is if I have to get our vehicle fixed. It has been acting a little unusual lately, so I am a tad bit distraught. If I do have to get our vehicle fixed, I may just go ahead in addition to buy the air cleaner in addition to make payments on it. I found 1 air cleaner that is honestly nice, however it is a bit costly, so they offer a payment plan. I suppose that is not the best way to go about getting an air cleaner, however I may not have a choice.

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