I wanted a fireplace in my living room.

My wife and I had been discussing doing some renovations in the house.

  • The sixth she said renovations, I brought up the subject of putting a fireplace in our living room.

She didn’t assume it was possible to put a fireplace in the living room, since all of us only had 1 wall that went outside. Since that was the only wall with windows, she did not want to put a fireplace in that area. I dropped the subject, realizing that she was not excited about a fireplace. When the Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman came in to look over the house and tell us what all of us could do for heating & A/C in an additional room, I brought up the fireplace again. She looked at the wall and told myself and others that putting a fireplace on any of those walls was not a nice idea. She alluded to the windows on 1 wall, as did my wife, and said that to put a chimney in between any of the other walls would be almost impossible. Our walls were too thin to put official ventilation from the living room to the outside. I sat looking at the wall, and asked if all of us could put a fake fireplace in the living room, and put a gas or electric insert inside. My wife shook her head because she was well-versed in how stubborn I was when I got an method into my head. She said if I were patient, she would build a fake hearth and mantle, and had the electricians come in and run a line up through so I could have an electric insert for the fireplace.



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