I wanted a gift

I’ve loved art my entire life, even as a young boy. The walls of my bedroom was always covered in the different art I created. I worked with acrylic, watercolors and even charcoals to document my life. Unfortunately, my mom and dad didn’t believe painting and drawing would give me a financially stable life. Medical transcription is the area I eventually got my degree in. I completely settled into the adult world, forgetting my passion for art. A few years ago, I met the love of my life and we just got married this year. She presented me with a huge surprise for my birthday last week. She turned our garage into a painting studio just for me. I never realized she was listening to my long repressed dreams. It was the perfect setup; plenty of room to paint plus lots of room to move around. My wife even bought a beautiful easel for me. She insulated the garage door and had the chains disconnected. In the corner of the room, an air purifier hummed. That air purifier kept the room well ventilated since there are no windows in my new studio. The little air purifier works amazingly well. Even when I use my spray paints, I don’t notice the fumes in the air. My air purifier eliminates all of the paint fumes, leaving safe air for me to breathe. This awesome gift proves that I was right to marry her as she is perfect for me.

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