I wanted something better

Last week, my cousin and I decided to go to an amusement park, but it was just so uncomfortably hot when we went! While walking around, we saw a  building that was advertising a magic show, and that they also had AC inside the building! Well, since both of us were overheating, we decided to go on inside, sure enough, it was magnificently cool inside and the cooling system was definitely working properly. I couldn’t say that I was all that impressed with the magic show however. The magician had to be an amateur because he couldn’t just couldn’t get the tricks right – when he made the rabbit disappear, it ended up hopping from under his table, not to mention a bunch of other things went wrong. It certainly was pretty entertaining to watch, and also kind of sad; to be honest though, none of us minded how bad the show was because the air conditioning was such a nice change from being outside in the heat. When the show was over, I noticed that a majority of the people didn’t want to go back outside, like myself and my cousin, so everyone cheered the magician on for an encore! He seemed to be thrilled so then he started on with more bad magic tricks. He must have thought he was a really good magician, but in reality it was the good climate control that actually worked its magic on the crowd. When the show was really over, my cousin and I decided to head over to the water park so we could keep cooling off. We certainly had fun, but couldn’t stop thinking about going back to another magic show, if they had anymore shows going on – we just wanted some more of that good air conditioning system!

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