I wanted the carpets to be clean and fresh

I was absolutely ready to make some upgrades for my tiny studio apartment to living in something bigger. I was only going to be a few blocks away from my own office and the old cramped home was a difficult place to take some dates. I once had a person who split up with me after she did not believe I had an official house. She did not believe a business person should have a half respectable apartment. It was entirely better that the two of us were not together. I still wanted to have a place that I could call my own. I started looking out for apartments that would be within my budget however soon realized this was going to mean moving beyond the inside Heart of the City. I would be required to have a commute that was more than a couple of miles and I could only find places that needed to have some work done. One apartment was dirty and management didn’t want to clean the place before I signed on to the lease. When I actually arrived on move in the afternoon, I found the carpet in the apartment to be filthy. I wasn’t easily cheerful however had very little time for the property employer to fix up the situation. I contacted my own Carpet Cleaning company as well as build the property employer a bit later. This was aggravating to get the carpets cleaned before going to the apartment. The management company claims that they actually clean the carpet themselves, but there is absolutely no way they simply forgot to work it out.
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