I wanted to fix the air vent

We he peered into the ductwork in our son’s room he told our son to reach into the air vent

About a month ago, the people I was with and I had a concern with our air quality. I kept getting the stench of something that reminded myself and others of mildewed clothing. I cleaned under as well as behind all of our appliances. I thought maybe 1 of the youngsters had brought their dirty towels home from the laundromat as well as just left them resting on the floor of their entryway. Usually if stuff ended up on the floor, they ended up shoved under the beds. My son was a bit taken aback about our being in his entryway, but I had to try to find the source of the that locker room smell in my house. The aroma was going throughout the house as well as I was bound and determined to find out what was causing the stench. After looking everywhere in the bathrooms, I decided to work on the entryways, as well as his room was the most obvious. I inquired of him if he wasn’t able to aroma the aroma as well as he said his room didn’t seem any stinkier than usual. I pulled out a couple of portable UV air purifiers I had as well as I put 1 UV air purifier next to his door. My son had, in the meantime, searched all through his room because in spite of his claims to the contrary, he aroused the mildew. I ended up calling the HVAC dealer, because I was beginning to think there might be mold in the walls. When the HVAC tech knocked on the door and came in, he evaluated all of the air vents. We he peered into the ductwork in our son’s room he told our son to reach into the air vent. There was a dirty gym sweat sock that was so stinky, the aroma was going throughout the entire house. He says he has no clue at all how the sock got into the air vent.
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