I wanted to get a new TV, but I have to get a new furnace first

I really wanted to get a new TV for our living room, but now I have to get a new furnace first.

I have been saving up all that I can so that I would have enough to get this giant big screen TV that I’ve had my eye on at the local big box store.

Our old TV is absolutely horrible. It flips off and on at the weirdest possible times and then the volume goes up and down whenever you are trying to watch it. It makes it nearly impossible to watch a good movie, especially a horror movie! Those are my favorites. Anyway, I wanted to get a new TV to take care of all of these problems that I was having with the entertainment system. But then, out of nowhere, my furnace unit stopped working. It’s been very cold here lately and one day when I went to turn the thermostat up, I noticed that the temperature inside of the house was a frigid 62 degrees. This did not make any sense to me because I usually have my thermostat set at 72 degrees year round. And that’s when I realized that the heating system wasn’t working at all. It was getting colder and colder in my house by the minute, and nothing I did to the thermostat helped a bit. When I called my local HVAC company to schedule an appointment to get the furnace fixed,I was dismayed to find out how much it was going to cost. All of the money that I had saved up for my new TV ended up going toward getting my furnace repaired.


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