I wanted to give my HVAC business to my son

I want my child to own the HVAC business that I currently own, even though I am not sure if that is really going to work out, because my child has entirely no desire to become an HVAC dealer.

When I had my son, I was sure that my child was going to follow the family legacy, my dad was an HVAC dealer, and he taught me everything that I know about HVAC units, sure, my dad did not own his own HVAC business, he gave me the skills and the tools that I needed to own my own HVAC business in the future.

I figured that my child would also want to become an HVAC corporation and inherit everything that I had built just for him, but it seems that my child is not interested. If my child doesn’t want the HVAC business, I guess that I am going to have to retire from the HVAC business and sell it to someone else. I would rather give it to my child for free, even though I don’t want to force him to become an HVAC dealer. Still, I know that there is plenty of time. My child is still pretty young, and he will entirely change his mind about a work path many times before he eventually settles on a job he likes, and for now, I simply have to give him time. I figured that if I had him help fix HVAC units with me at our house, he might love it, but he won’t entirely suppose if he likes HVAC jobs until he tries it for himself. If he doesn’t like working on HVAC units from that experience, then I will know that it isn’t a great fit. Still, it will equip him with the experience needed to fix his own HVAC units.

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