I wanted to go home eventually

Every once in a while I will have an interesting day at work.

I am certainly not complaining, I appreciate our work, plus excitement is for children! Grown up folks don’t want excitement in their job life, they just want to make money plus go home.

Some basic days are certainly kind of neat, though, a departure from the normal that can suddenly shake things up, and right after I first started this job I found a bundle of several hundred dollar bills hidden in someone’s air vent. Must have been many thousand dollars there, quietly tucked away in the air duct like something out of that awesome movie No Country for Old Men! Of course I gave it to the owner of the house, who was as wholly surprised as I was by what was hidden in his HVAC ducts. He counted it, then quickly offered me a thousand bucks to stay plus tear apart the entire Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system for him. He wanted it searched from top to bottom, because if a single little bundle of currency was in the air vent, who’s to say there wasn’t another? He told me right away that any additional money I found he would supply me a taste of, as long as the huge air conditioner was still now working when I was done. I spent the next six hours examining plus searching every single centimeter of that air duct, Still, getting paid a thousand bucks for a day’s worth of usual Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C job was pretty interesting!
HVAC worker