I wanted to have an all-female HVAC company.

Five years ago, I took my HVAC certification test, and passed it.

At that point, three other women and we made the decision that ‌in the future we would get together and have the first all female HVAC company in our area.

For the last five years, we had been talking amongst ourselves and planning how we were going to form our HVAC company. We knew ‌we would need HVAC equipment and HVAC service vans, and we had to finance all of this. The first thing we had to do was ‌decide if one of us or all of us would go to a class to show us how to form a company. We decided that if we were going to be full partners in the HVAC company, we should all go to the class. We learned how to form a business, what ‌taxes we had to pay, and how to go about financing all the equipment and the building that we needed for our HVAC company. We each took a part of the work that needed to be done and ran with it. I was to be the one to secure a building we could work from, and that would be large enough for our HVAC service vans. Sherry and Linda created our business plan by talking to the bank. Connie was working on a list of all the equipment we would need, and where we would purchase it. Once we had all of our information gathered, we dressed in our finest and headed to the bank. We were all eager to get started with our first all female HVAC company.
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