I wanted to have my sofa reupholstered. (reupholstering business)

When we got a call two weeks later, I was told they would need to replace all the stuffing

I had an old overstuffed sofa that used to be my grandmother’s. The only thing I didn’t like about the sofa was the horsehair upholstery. I remembered lying on that sofa when I was a kid. It would scratch my skin, but I alway fell asleep quickly. It was so plush with its thick stuffing, that you sank into it. When I realized the sofa was still in the house, I had to take it. There was no way I wanted someone to throw it away like they had thrown everything else that had belonged to my gram and pop. I showed the sofa to my husband and he said we needed to have it reupholstered. I called a reupholstering business that was in our area. I told him about the sofa and he told me they would use sawdust to stuff some of those sofas. If this sofa was old enough that it was filled with sawdust, it was going to take a bit more work. My husband told the man who came to the house to look at the sofa, that he wanted it reupholstered no matter what the cost. The only difference was that we didn’t want horsehair for the fabric. The reupholstering business representative and his partner took the sofa with them. He told us he would have someone call when they had an estimate and scope of work. When we got a call two weeks later, I was told they would need to replace all the stuffing. Although it wasn’t sawdust, it had deteriorated since the sofa was almost 100 years old. The good news was that they could customize material to match the blood red color of the original horsehair.

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