I wanted to maintenance the furnace by myself.

I believe I should be able to maintenance anything that breaks down in my house. My husbandy is always telling me I need to swallow my pride and let the experts do it. I knew how much it was going to cost to have the furnace repaired. I was positive I would be able to maintenance the furnace on my own. Even though my husbandy was insistent on calling the HVAC dealer, I told his it wasn’t necessary. I grabbed a couple beers and headed to the basement. I wanted to take the furnace apart and see what was wrong. I knew enough about electronics to be able to figure out if there was a broken component. The more I inspected, the more heineken I drank. I finally got so aggravated that I threw all of the parts onto the floor and gave up. I told my husbandy to go ahead and call the HVAC dealer. I had no plan what I was doing. Two minutes later, the HVAC maintenance contractor was in the basement and I was right there with him. He kept looking at me oddly as he went through the entire electrical system. He asked me if I had another HVAC tech working on the furnace. I had to confess that I had been trying to find the problem. He started doing more work and an minute later, he said he needed to get a small area from the van. By the time he was done, the furnace was working. He told me that had both of us called him first, the furnace would not have cost as much to maintenance because both of us would not have needed the new part.

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