I was a tad worried

When I went to visit a friend of mine at their university dorm recently, it was an experience! You would suppose that all dorms are the same, right? Nope! Not in the case of what my friend had! He was in an upper class university. This university was not 1 of the normal 1s that had those tiny as well as nasty dorm rooms. The dorm rooms were almost love a mini house or apartment! Also, the dorm had radiant radiant floors in it! I could not suppose it! Radiant radiant floors in a dorm? That was easily awesome! During the freezing Winter weeks, these radiant radiant floors easily did my friend a lot of good. Also, my friend had the luxury of not having any roomate in his dorm. This is how expensive this university was! In addition to the radiant radiant floors, my friend also had his easily own smart control component in his dorm room! Most of the dorms in normal schools can not control their control unit. In this expensive dorm, all the students had smart control units as well as could control their own temperature. With all the latest in heating as well as cooling technology in these dorms, you would suppose that this was some kind of Heating as well as Air Conditioning school! But no, it is a university. My friend is really going for his degree in corporation management. However, who knows. That corporation management degree could be used in the heating as well as cooling business. With as much as he has in Heating as well as Air Conditioning technology within his dorm room, it would not surprise me if he went that direction!

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