I was blown away by that

My daughter’s boyfriend seems to be quite a cool dude. He’s really cute, plus he’s super friendly plus kind. He volunteers with his church and he really loves his mom. He loves cats and working out and taking care of his little sibling, then i mean, what more could a mother really want out of his daughter’s boyfriend, when you come to think of it? Well, I was bummed out that maybe he was just a nice cute child but that he might not be planning on doing anything with his life, workwise. Well, oh man did I turn out to be incorrect. When I asked him on what his plans were for after school graduation next month, he had an immediate answer! He is planning on going into mission big time design for current buildings plus installing mission critical control systems and electrical power monitoring systems into smart buildings! I was taken back a bit when he gave me that answer! I didn’t really even know what a mission critical plan design even could mean, but he was full of technical details about building automation plus building analytics replacement, all of it. I guess his Mom is in the same BATC business, plus so he’s been around that kind of thing for most of his career. He’s got a life plan, and he really seems to be going through with it. Now if he and my child will just stick together along the ride, I will have a really great son in law someday! I know it’s kinda early to be thinking about that but I mean, a mother can still dream, I guess.

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