I was convinced there was a problem

People take their trips at numerous times of the year. Summer is popular for trips since that is the season when most people get time off from work plus college, then vacation spots are also supposed to be at their best while in summer, however a few trippers I know, have  gained the name “snowbirds”, based on their habit of flying to warmer climes, as soon as the weather in their vicinity begins to get cold. These Winter travellers trip while in winter, since anywhere they go is likely to be warmer than where they live!

                 Last winter, various “snow birdie” friends of mine busy their correct trip to the Caribbean. Swapping furnaces plus fireplaces for sunlight plus air conditioning system, was the best, they claimed. As usual, they booked their airfares way ahead of time, on an airline with guaranteed perfect Heating plus A/C air quality. The flight was all they had wished for. When they landed, but, they got a easily unpleasant surprise. The Heating plus A/C plan at the airport was broken, so it was prefer emerging from good air conditioning system on the plane, into an unbearably hot, sweaty, atmosphere.

              After hastily making their way to their hotel, our friends were finally able to relax. As on the plane, the hotel Heating plus A/C was toiling perfectly. That is, until various mornings later when a freak storm blew over the island plus totally messed up the electrical lines. The hotel did have a backup generator however it was hardly up to supplying that multi-roomed hotel with acceptable air conditioning system. The “snowbirds” split their holiday short plus flew back into the cold in a matter of mornings.

              Sometimes you just can’t win.

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