I was curious about that

My ineptitude with technology is scary.

I know practically nothing about how to handle any repair, no matter how simple.

I couldn’t be any worse with my hands either, as I couldn’t hammer a nail into a plank of wood without smacking my thumb! That’s why I work in a cozy little call center here, where I may have to log information or redirect customers at most. Most of my job is done by listening and speaking, so that fits my limitations! It’s funny that I’m reminded of my technical challenges, as I ran into my Heating in addition to A/C specialist the other day while dropping in at home after getting off early from work. Since I caught him right as he was putting my air handler back together, I figured I’d talk with him for a minute just to see how things are going. While we talked, he mentioned that I should consider replacing my air conditioner before the summer comes! I couldn’t imagine why, but he continued to explain: the coolant used in my A/C isn’t available to produce or even import in the United States anymore. For that reason, the diminishing supply is mostly recycled refrigerant. So, given how hard it is now to source it, I have to find a new A/C system! Freon has helped deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere, so it’s been banned from production or import. That stinks for me, since I have to shell out money for a new A/C system that conforms to these new refrigerant rules, but I suppose the health of the Earth is worth more than my A/C system!

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