I was doing so much research

When my spouse and I purchased our modern home, there were a lot of necessary improvement projects. The property hadn’t been well cared for or upgraded in a really long time. The plumbing system was corroded and leaking. The electrical system was not up to code, and there was only a single outlet in each room. The two of us needed to upgrade all of the appliances, plus windows, cupboards, sinks, faucets and toilets! Although the heating and cooling system were ancient and in pretty old shape, we were ecstatic to find them operational, but our energy costs weren’t outrageous. With so various projects awaiting attention, we tried to tackle some lower cost improvements, but I was distraught to remove all of the ugly, ancient ceiling fans throughout the house. While the ceiling fans still functioned, they were noisy and really detracted from aesthetics, during the Spring, we pulled them all down and upgraded them with more expensive and more charming overhead lighting. I was drastically ecstatic with the result, however, as soon as the Summer time weather arrived, I realized my mistake. Without the ceiling fans to push the heated air up and out, the air in the home was stagnant, stuffy and overheated. This localed a much greater responsibility on the air conditioner. With the air conditioner running for longer cycles, our weekly electric bill went up significantly. The greater wear and tear on the cooling system resulted in several minor repairs. When the outdoor temperature dropped in the Winter, the gas furnace couldn’t keep up. The heated air rose straight up to the ceiling. Even during milder weather, the home was less comfortable without the ceiling fans. The two of us ended up taking down the modern overhead lights and buying brand modern ceiling fans.

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