I was fine with that

My landlord is such a cheapskate and sincerely I don’t guess why. It’s not enjoy I’m asking for a fancy replace or even anything impractical, heck, I’m trying to help him in the long run to legitimately save for currency on this apartment. This site has various peculiar temperature controls and none of them legitimately labor correctly. The a single upstairs won’t turn on the heat from the kitchens unless you set it for higher than 60, even if both of us only need the upstairs kitchen to be warmed to say 58, and the house temperature currently reads at 55. Then the temperature control in the lower level of our site is somehow even worse. This a single is basically a single way heating switch. The temperature control will turn the heating on just good when you transport the dial to the selected setting. However, the heating then refuses to shut itself off. The heating will be set to just 62, and within less than an hour you’ll find the that lower level is now 71 degrees. I don’t need the house this warm, nor do I want it to be. Heating the house up to that high of a temperature is a utility bill I do not need and can labor to make us all sick, then plus, our central heating is an oil furnace, so all this is doing is making go through the oil that much faster. The only way to heat the downstairs comfortably is to turn it on when you recognize a chill, then immediately turn it back off again in less than an hour at the most, however all of this turning the heating on and off cannot be good for the oil furnace, however our landlord still refuses to change these outdated temperature controls.