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I received a call from the extended care facility where my mother, sick and frail lives. I was told by the residence administrator that there had been an accident and that the facility had lost its air conditioning. A truck had hit an electric pole and knocked out the electricity, which in turn caused the air conditioning to stop. The generator had turned on some of the air conditioners however, many of the residents still had no air conditioning or electricity. The generator is not able to provide air conditioning to everyone in the building, and the A/C and the electric is not reaching all of the residents. So I went to the facility to check on my mother and I was disturbed to see that the facility had large fans all over, including the extension cords in an attempt to cool everyone. They were moving residents who had lost air conditioning to other parts of the facility that still had working cooling units. As an added precaution, some residents that had no electricity or air conditioning were moved to a hospital. State records show that the facility is licensed for 120 beds, and they had to move over half of the residents to different locations to ensure that they had electricity and air conditioning. It does not seem to me that their generator did as good a job as they needed. Nonetheless, I finally caught up with my mother in a different air conditioned part of the living care facility, and she had quite an exciting tale to share with me!

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