I was glad to see my mother

Last month, I was talking to our spouse about the air filters.  I told him about all of the information I had found on the importance of changing the air filters.  He told myself and others that he took care of all of that stuff, and I didn’t need to worry about it.  I never saw him buy any air filters for the furnace. I didn’t even think what the air filters for the furnace looked like.  I knew that he pulled the air filter out of the air conditioner quite often, although I didn’t think where they were, or what they looked like.  He just told myself and others that air conditioner air filter was taken care of. I was undoubtedly pondering what would happen if he were gone a single year, and I had to do the air filter changing.  He showed myself and others where the air filters were for the A/C and he walked myself and others through changing it. I asked about the furnace air filter and asked myself and others if I trusted him.  The people I was with and I have been together for over twenty years, so there must be some trust there. He told myself and others there were no air filters in our furnace. I thought he was kidding. He explained to myself and others that all of us had a boiler.  The people I was with and I had an oil heating device that heated the water. The only filter in the oil heater, was a fuel filter and he changed it every time he did service on the oil heater. I didn’t think if I wanted to slap him for being cagey or laugh at him.

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