I was going to install a commercial system

It’s a never ending adventure, when you decide to pursue a do it yourself project for the first time. I wish I was smart, and chose something easy like painting my kitchen or replacing the fridge in my entryway, however instead I chose something much more complicated; See, my lake house has a several-car garage that I’ve been dying to convert into a lake house gym. I can’t stand commercial gyms anymore, and I guess that the investment in component and weights would pay myself and others back in a little over a year if I’m thrifty, and anyway, the reason I’ve held off on doing the conversion is because of the temperature fluctuations in my area. The garage matches the outdoor temperature due to terrible insulation and a lack of heating and air conditioner, so it’s too warm or too cold most afternoons! That was going to change with the installation of a ductless mini-cut Heating and Air Conditioning system. The pros of a ductless mini-cut plan are that it is perfect for singular open spaces – like a garage! They’re also comparably less pricey and more effective than trying to extend your home’s ductwork to cover the garage. However, the ductless mini-cut systems aren’t perfect. In order to use a ductless plan in the garage, the seals and weatherstripping on the windows and garage door have to be perfect and seamless! Plus, even though it’s displayed as a “do it yourself” project, I wouldn’t try to install a ductless mini-cut plan myself. It may be as easy as an indoor air handler, an outdoor air compressor and condenser and a hole in the wall for the connections to run through – I’m still relying on an Heating and Air Conditioning professional!

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