I was going to use the heater

The two of us live in an old brick ranch that has several indoor air quality issues. It’s certainly not something new, as the two of us have been dealing with these several issues for many years as well as many years. The two of us are constantly trying to cool down the indoor air temperatures. The two of us have an aged AC device that does not work well any longer. We can barely feel any cool air from the AC device, in the back rooms of our brick ranch. The two of us have done our best to combat the poorly working AC device. The two of us bought a nice new ceiling fan to put in the living room. It is near one of the air ducts as well as certainly helps to add to the indoor air quality. The energy efficient ceiling fan is helpful as well, because the two of us certainly can turn down the temperature as well as circulate some are just using our fan. There are often times when we use the furnace as well as AC device just to circulate the air in a stifling room. There might be no need to control the temperature, but the two of us would want to have a breeze. There are a lot of over budget as well as luxurious things we can do to change the indoor air quality, but my wife as well as myself are on willing to spend thousands of dollars on this old brick ranch.