I was happy about the couch

Just because our style looks a little hodge podge doesn’t mean it’s aimless… I honestly handle everything that goes into our house with the absolute highest care, however this is why I’ve had the same old couches for decades—I can’t find anything I actually prefer better, plus the cushions are starting to sag so badly that I know the frame is going and soon. I really need to replace it already, before I fall through the thing and end up on the floor.  Despite the sheer volume of furniture stores I go to, I can’t find anything that is exactly what I have or better, and everything is either really modern, super fancy, boring as hell, or has that mountain chalet bachelor cave look! Just because I love the eclectic in addition to lived-in look, does not mean I live in the north in a log cabin. I live out in AZ, where our favorite hobby is seeing the sunset over the canyon ridges… So, I want our style to reflect our house in addition to the beautiful yet unusual location I call home; but finally, I decided to actually give custom furniture a shot. I was anxious that it would be out of our price range, yet at the same time I figured a visit wouldn’t hurt. I honestly couldn’t be having any worse luck than I already was at that point… Well, as it turns out, custom built furniture is not all that high-priced in reality, it just depends on what you pick in the end. The designer I spoke to at the store was not at all baffled by our quirky style or our creative ideas; not only was he cheerful to help, but he also knew exactly what I wanted! In just an hour and a half, he had a sketch of what the final product would be, and then actually helped me select the right wood in addition to upholstery, and then even the filler and the last finishing touches. Yeah, our couch is a little more cash than what is found at a regular furniture store. But our canyon print eclectic sofa couch is also hand crafted, so it’s going to last an unquestionably long time.