I was happy to have the mic on

My daughters all love musicals, which has never been something I’ve ever been into; I appreciate action films, and comedies, however films where the whole cast sings and dances the whole time are just not for me. That being said, when my daughters are all overly excited about showing me something, I like to at least give it a chance. This is how I got roped into a musical themed slumber party for my girls and all of their friends. It was a chilly winter evening, with a lot of snow on the ground, so it felt appropriate to just stay in and watch movies. Just prior to the clock striking midnight, in the midst of this awesome party, the heat stopped working! The entire power grid for the whole neighborhood went down, which was a bummer because that meant they weren’t able to watch anymore movies. Before a full blown panic set in with the girls, I lit some candles, and opened the flue to the fireplace – it wasn’t long before I had pulled some firewood and thrown it into the wood stove, which I had not used in eons, and the whole living room was nice a toasty.  The girls danced and sang by the light of the fire their favorite musical numbers. I liked the fire a lot more than I liked the HVAC system, and it turns out I liked them singing a lot more than I liked the musical movies. So for me, the slumber party was shockingly quite a bit of fun.

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