I was happy with the heater

I am a hardworker at my job and at home.  Even if I’ve had an especially long day at work, it won’t stop me from getting some cleaning done around the house or the lawn mowed or even the gutters cleaned.  I have a calendar in my kitchen solely devoted to maintenance and chore schedules. I have everything from the dates for my oil changes on my car to the service dates for my heating and cooling system.  This way, I never miss an important repair or chore that might lead to an expensive disaster if neglected. Since I live in the south and use my air conditioner often year round, I do my routine HVAC cleaning and maintenance more often than most.  At least five or six times a year, I open up the air handler and clean everything with a mild vinegar solution. This prevents any mold or microbial buildup on the coil or anywhere else in the air system. After swapping out my filter, I then focus my attention on my condensate drain line.  As the air in your system passes over the evaporator coils in your air handler, the moisture is pulled out in the cooling process and then pools in the condensate pan. A pump pushes this water into a long pipe that goes from your air handler to the ground outdoors. This small PVC pipe can become clogged with algae growth, especially if you run your air conditioner as often as I do.  For this cleaning job, I reach for my bottle of bleach since there’s no metal in the line I have to worry about corroding. I run a diluted solution of bleach and soap and pour it down the pipe from the opening at the air handler. After allowing time for the solution to run down the pipe and additional time for the bleach to sanitize it, the last step is sucking the line clean with a shop vac.  Just get a vacuum adapter roughly the size of the drain line pipe and put it up to the opening outside. This will draw out any microbial buildup that didn’t fall out on its own with the cleaner. After doing this process, my air conditioner drains more efficiently and I’m at a much lower risk of water leaks.

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