I was hoping for someone younger.

Everyone thought I was too young to own a home, but I owned one.

I was 25, just a girl, as my brother said, and I had an excellent job. I didn’t want to rent an apartment when I got my job in the city, but I wanted to own a home. My boyfriend and I talked about moving in together, but I wasn’t ready for that. The first thing my realtor told me was that I had to have my HVAC system inspected once a year. The air-conditioning got inspected in the spring, and they inspected the furnace early fall. Spring had just begun when I called the local HVAC company and asked to have an HVAC technician‌ come out to inspect my air conditioning unit. I wanted to be a responsible homeowner, and this was the best place to start. When the HVAC tech arrived, I was taken aback. He looked ancient to me, and I wasn’t sure if he could still do his job. I remembered all the young HVAC technicians that always came to mom’s house, and that’s what I was expecting. When a man came in and asked me where my air conditioning unit was, all I could do was point. He headed out back and within half an hour; he had inspected and done some maintenance on my air conditioning unit. He said I was ready for another summer. Before he left, he told me that age just brought experience and smiled at me. That was the nicest scolding I had ever got from anyone.


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