I was looking for a way to supplement the furnace. I couldn’t afford to purchase a new furnace and my husband and I chose to get a space heater to help with the situation. We had thought about getting a gas space heater, but they really scared me. We knew that in the right situation they would be okay, but we had kids and we didn’t trust them. I went to the local home center to get some ideas about what kind of space heaters were available. I wanted one that would be perfect for my home. I told them about my feelings on gas and oil space heaters. They told me about propane space heaters but they were just as bad as the gas and oil. My husband and I headed out bright and early the next morning. We found several types of space heaters but some were much cooler than others. We found some space heaters that offered radiant heat. One of our favorite space heaters was one that looked just like a fireplace. The fireplace uses infrared heat and you can change the temperature from anywhere in the house with the use of a remote. While the heat is on, the fireplace is lit up to look like flames are actually coming off the fake logs. I love how the fireplace facade looks and how nice it looks in my living room. The heat is so nice that it is easily the best indoor heating system I have ever been around. I think my husband and I made a good choice with the fireplace space heater

Our move-in transformations included a new HVAC system

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