I was loving that

As a child, our neighbor was always obsessed with fire trucks and firefighting, so it was no surprise that when our friend group grew up, he ended up becoming an actual firefighter. Although he started off as a volunteer, after a few weeks following his training he was picked up by the county fire department as a full time firefighter. As a part of a task that I was doing as part of my line of work, I was required to research the fire department and their training pipeline, and naturally, he was the first man I called to tag along with.  But on the first day I was hanging out at the fire station, they were having an issue with the main heating, ventilation and A/C device at their station. For some reason it had frozen up and wasn’t pumping out any cool air. It was the middle of the summer too, and the average temperature in our part of the country was over ninety degrees daily. Needless to say it was starting to get sizzling in the station, and when you main occupation is dealing with singeing fire, you particularly want a nice cool venue to relax in while you’re on duty.  Thankfully there weren’t any calls in the morning, so the people I was with and I spent a couple hours attempting to fix the system. Eventually, one of the other firemen discovered there was a short in a single wire on the heating, ventilation and A/C control that tripped a circuit breaker.. Once the people I was with and I figured out where the short was, the group of us were able to repair it and replace the wire. Then soon enough, we had the heating, ventilation and A/C device up and running, just in time for our first call.

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