I was not giving her a choice

Growing up in the north, the heating system was always the priority! When I was a kid, very few homes came with any type of air conditioner. We were one of the only families to invest in cooling equipment. We had a portable air conditioner that was the size of mini van. At that time, it was one of the smaller cooling units on the market, but it required at least two adults to carry it. My room was the only room with a window immense enough to accommodate such a bulky piece of equipment. I had to rearrange my furniture to not interfere with the air conditioner. I was expected to leave my door wide open at all times so that the cool air would spread to the rest of the house. The air conditioner was super loud. It rattled, screeched, and kept me awake in the evening. It constantly dripped water, and I needed to situate a pail underneath to prevent my carpet from getting saturated. The device supplied a tremendous amount of cold air! Even while we were in the middle of June, the high outside temperature and humidity was no match for it, unfortunately, there was no way to regulate operation. The air conditioner was either running at maximum capacity or completely shut off.  My father liked to keep it running all the time. My room was so cold that I dressed in sweatpants and long-sleeves to go to bed at night. I’d then huddle under a heated blanket and shiver. Plus, the air from the cooling device smelled musty and it spread dust into my room, and because of my experience with that air conditioner, I never wanted to install a cooling system into my own house. My fiance insisted, and I was surprised by the improvements in technology.

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