I was not worried about that

I don’t suppose what possessed me to take a road trip across the country in the middle of the summer. I had a great time when I started however the days were unbelievably hot. At the first dive hotel I stopped at, I recognizably asked the front desk clerk to put me in a room with a great Heating and A/C unit. She said she had the perfect room since the service man had just tested the Heating and A/C unit. I was admittedly hot plus tired from driving 500 miles that afternoon. The first thing I did was wheel our suitcase into the room, adjust the thermostat to the lowest setting plus get into the shower, however by the time I got all the grime off, the air conditioner had the room cold. I didn’t suppose it was unusual. It sincerely felt great. I grabbed our purse so I could buy some breakfast from the breakfast affixed to the hotel. After a great meal, I went back to our room plus caught our breath as soon as I walked into the room. The air conditioner was still on plus blowing the coldest air I’ve ever felt in our life. I adjusted the thermostat to turn it down a little. When the air conditioner kicked off, I was a little relieved. After a few times decreasing the thermostat, I found the right temperature that would allow me to sleep in a odd bed comfortably. I have to admit, the frigid air coming from the air conditioner unit plus the quiet hum was enough to lull me into a blissful sleep. As I woke, I enjoyed the cool air of the air conditioned room a while longer than I normally would before leaving for another leg of our road trip.

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