I was okay with our family

My family is simply huge, with my mom, my dad, and 10 siblings including me as the youngest of the bunch. Most of my siblings have already moved out and I want to move out soon, too, but I have to wait a few more years until I can graduate. Our parents have made a good business of flipping houses, so my three younger siblings and I are going to live together when we first leave our childhood home. That’s what most of my siblings have already done as well. My parents will buy a home for cheap, renovate it, then resell it after the value has gone up considerably. They make a comfortable living off of it and as a side benefit, I’ve l received a lot about home care knowledge as well.  Both of my parents are in the business as well, either as an architect or a designer, so they didn’t just launch into the profession without a background education. I want to do the same thing when I get older and a couple of my siblings already have been successful. With our little communal home with my brothers, my parents are already asking what features we want included in the home. I’m entirely okay with having whatever is available, but my parents are adamant that we have really clean and efficient heating and cooling systems in a all the homes they fix up. I’d love to have radiant floors installed in the bathroom, but I’m not picky and as long as we don’t sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter, I’ll be happy! I’m looking forward to having more freedom with my brothers and seeing what kind of home my parents will choose for our first home away from home.

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