I was okay with that

I recently came back from a writing convention where I got to experience a beautifully remodelled house and some snazzy HVAC technology. The owner of the home designed this place just for local writing enthusiasts to get away and practice the thing we love most: writing our books. So she added two large wings on the house, which enables the home to have six more bedrooms which can sleep about twelve people, if needed. In addition to these bedrooms, she added a special kind of home heating I have never witnessed before. In the wings, she installed a heat pump. I totally thought you can’t use heat pumps this far north. But that was back in the day. In the present, heat pumps can easily be used to heat homes in temperatures close to freezing. These HVAC units are designed to keep working to bring in hot air in temperatures that get down to the teens. With a handy remote control to operate the heat pump in each room, these ductless mini split units are both convenient and easy to use. Not to mention, the owner put one in every single new bedroom, so you can calibrate the heating and cooling without changing it for anyone else. The heat pumps where installed by the heating and cooling contractor and it’s difficult to notice they’re there, especially because they’re mounted so far up on the wall. Because of these new heat pumps, I was able to stay toasty and cozy at the writing retreat to get my writing juices flowing.

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