I was quite interested in the radiator

The decision to renovate portions of my home’s A/C system was not an easy decision to make! With limited funds, a six-month timeframe and my own ambitious nature, I had to go into the action phase of my renovation project knowing exactly what to do. Unfortunately, I spent most of the first month trying to settle on an air conditioning system! My house is fairly small, taking up less than a quarter of the property it sits on. I’ve always enjoyed that the house is smaller than those around me, as I prefer large open outdoor spaces to mill around. Since my home is small, I never felt that having extensive ductwork through the entire house was necessary. The previous homeowner was obsessed with good air circulation, I guess! Either way, I knew I could probably get away with using a room air conditioning system for cooling the house, or something similar to it that wasn’t a huge burden on energy consumption. That’s when I learned about the ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning system! The system is as the name implies, and is split between two components. The outside air compressor and condenser unit works to take the outside air, chill it and deliver it to the inside of the house. There, the indoor air handler works to dispense the chilled air throughout the immediate room in which the ductless mini-split system is installed. My regular heating and A/C technician told me that these systems were perfect for small houses and apartments, or even just a two-car garage. From the sounds of it, this was the solution I would want for cooling my home!