I Was So Desperate, I Asked My Neighbor to Let My Heating plus A/C Professional Inside

When it was time for our biannual Heating plus A/C repair appointment, the local Heating plus A/C dealer that I consistently use called to remind me, but the receptionist on the PC advocated that I make an appointment that day, because their schedule was filling up fast.

Unluckyly, I was busy when I answered the PC, so I was flustered the entire time, but i didn’t want to hang up without getting on the schedule, because I knew I’d forget to call them back. If I didn’t schedule an appointment that day, I’d never have our Heating plus A/C proposal ran tests on. The receptionist and I briefly went back and forth about their available times, and I randomly selected something without putting much thought into it… When I got house later, I realized what a horrible mistake I’d made. I had to labor that day and a dentist’s appointment that day while we were in our dinner split that I’d been waiting weeks for. When I called the Heating plus A/C dealer back to reschedule, they were already booked solid for the next week. Feeling overwhelmed, I started calling our closest friends and family to see if anyone was available that day to let the Heating plus A/C professional inside, and just our luck, nobody could come. I was just about to call them back to reschedule for a week later, when I saw our neighbor in his yard. I suddenly went over and asked if she’d be around that day and if she’d be available to let the Heating plus A/C professional inside. Thankfully, he happily agreed! I told his I’d do the same for his in the future if he ever needed help.

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