I was there for several years

Last summer, my mom’s allergies got so bad that she demanded I call an HVAC technician to come clean out the ducts to improve the indoor air quality of our home. I, being a frugal son, was quite reluctant to have a big-business HVAC company to do something that seemed so simple. Of course, I didn’t know much about the structure of central heating and cooling systems, but nonetheless I volunteered to try cleaning it myself. If it didn’t work, I would then resort to calling our HVAC provider for backup. So I strapped on some boots and a dust mask on my face and opened the panel leading into the ducts. The first thing I noticed was a strong odor – maybe the source of this odor was the cause of the low indoor air quality. I hoped that I could find it and forgo the main cleaning. I was equipped with a vacuum cleaner and a roll of paper towels, along with a spritzer of pledge. The odor was almost too much to bear, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I had turned the air conditioning off beforehand, and hadn’t realized how hot it might be inside. I wasn’t more than a few meters in when I heard a snarl. My trip was not going well – I might have to call an HVAC technician for backup. The source of the snarl revealed itself, a small gray mass with triangular ears and whiskers – a kitten! This kitten was surrounded by his own type of litter box, which turned out to be the primary source of soil rather than dust. And, my mom, allergic to cats, was reacting to his dander being sprayed like confetti throughout the house.

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