I was trying to make things simple

Before I started buying tickets for my trip out of town, I turned off the water main in my home to prevent a flood on the scarce chance of a burst pipe.

  • Next, I also turned off most of the power in the home from the circuit breaker in the garage, and the only part I left power to was my air conditioning system! I live in the south, and not just the south – a sizzling hot, super-muggy environment where mold contamination is as detrimental to public health as it can get! The last thing I wanted was to leave the home with no thermostat running.

Coming back to mold stains on my kitchen walls was also my nightmare! Sadly, my biggest mistake was that I didn’t have the thermostat inspected for accuracy prior to leaving. Imagine my frustration when I had come back to a sizzling hot home after my vacation, but the air conditioning system could no longer produce cold air at all! All the A/C system did now was move it around the home with its fan. Thankfully, I managed to find an HVAC specialist who could drop in that morning. My heating and A/C system would be fixed up, but the technician also found was disconcerting. He said my air conditioner had been leaking coolant out of a crack in the evaporator coil, and so the system’s ability to cool the air would drop off. In turn, this meant a chain reaction would occur and the component would be running harder to compensate. That’s how the worsening crack in would finally cause a breakdown. Eventually, if left without repairs, the evaporator coil would be destroyed!

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