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Something has been a little off with the air quality in our modern home as of lately. I am not exactly sure what it is, or what is causing it. But, before I go as well as dump a whole ton of money into media air cleaners, better heating as well as cooling equipment, etc, I need answers. I am not going to hire someone to come out as well as test our air quality. A while ago, I was thinking about doing that, although I found that for under 50 dollars, I could test our own indoor air pollen levels! They sell these air quality detectors at just about any major outlet. I found this out from a acquaintance of mine, who happens to be in the heating as well as a/c industry. The first thing I did was went as well as picked up a single of these “do it yourself” air quality testers. It was pretty straightforward to use, as well as I ran the tester in every single room of our home. After going through all the rooms, it turned out that the awful air quality was coming from a single of the study rooms! I have no clue why the air quality is awful in just a single room. So, what I did at this point was ran down to our local hardware store, which sold some portable media air cleaners. These were the kind of media media air cleaners that you just plug in to run in a single room. After a month of running this media media air cleaner in the study room, I ran the air quality tester again. The air quality was good! I just saved myself thoUSands of dollars by doing all this myself!

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