I was very okay with that

I was stuck in this dead-end job, working as a salesman for a local nutritional supplement company. I didn’t like the work too much, though it’s what paid my bills. I remember this life-changing day though, when I had to call the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to repair my air conditioning unit and also check my ductwork for dust buildup. When the Heating and Air Conditioning service technician finally arrived to my place, he turned out to be this entirely great guy with a hilarious sense of humor. He started talking to me right away and he was asked me about all kinds of stuff, including the type of work I performed, I told him, and he immediately said I didn’t seem to be too happy about what I do for work. I told him all about how I’d been doing it for too long, and the novelty was wearing off. He promptly began telling me about getting into the heating & air conditioning industry, and how I could truly become HVAC certified in about two months – if I worked hard at it! He suggested a great trade school in town that held evening courses, and he let me know what to expect for pay when I got started with a great heating & air conditioning corporation. I was impressed! I would be making roughly twice as much as I was making now, and I wouldn’t need commissions from sales to make that amount happen, either!

AC specialist