I wasn’t sure about that

My wife and I are at a point in our lives where we can finally treat ourselves to things we always wanted, without feeling guilty. Our jobs have been steady and all of our kids are either away at college or moved into their own place. We decided it was time to finally take care of repairs that needed to be done in our house. For the past five years we have been ignoring a leak in our kitchen ceiling from my wife and I’s bathtub right above.  Since we have the finances now to do it the right way and the way we want it, we couldn’t be more excited for our new master bathroom design. The part I’m most excited about is getting heated floors! Our upstairs tends to be cold and nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and going into the bathroom to get ready for work on a freezing cold tile floor. Having heated flooring will make our mornings comfortable and warm. Installing a heated floor can be a little tricky though. It is important to make sure that an experienced technician installs the wiring correctly if you don’t want any future problems. Eventually I would like to expand heated flooring into the kitchen and hallways as well. Our heater does a pretty good job of keeping the house comfortable, but having a heated floor throughout the house creates a better sense of comfortability that I feel like me and my wife have finally earned after years of not treating ourselves!

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