I wasn’t sure if it was a fantastic idea to have a house with colorless carpets

I was pretty hesitant about buying our house at first because of the nice colorless carpets.

  • I was thinking the kids were going to spill drinks all over them plus both of us were never going to be able to get the stains out.

The thing I loved though was the nice Heating plus Air Conditioning system. They had records of all the maintenance that had been performed on the system. There was even a refrigerant leak at 1 point that had been fixed plus the refrigerant was refilled, but after inspecting the system, I didn’t see any signs of a leak… Of course, I had a few inspections done plus that included an typical inspection of the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I was cheerful to learn that everything was in perfect order, but I was disappointed when the kids kept bringing drinks all around the house. I told everybody to have their drinks in the living room unless they were drinking water. Well, nobody listened of course plus before I knew it, there were spilled drinks all over the carpet. On top of that, the kids were consistently fighting over the temperature control settings. Eventually I had a smart control unit installed, mainly for the reason that I could put a pin lock on it. This way, I didn’t have to worry about the kids messing with the control unit. Eventually, my partner found this miracle carpet cleaning solution that absolutely removed the nasty stains! I was cheerful about that plus abruptly felt less busy about the kids plus their constant spills. At least they started to improve as they got older, however they still drive me up the wall sometimes like when they beg me to adjust the temperature control settings.


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