I will never have anything other than a smart thermostat

If you’ve been considering the smart control unit don’t think anymore! However, I will tell you first hand that the smart control units are the absolute best in any sort of control unit! They’re super straight-forward to deal with plus they can save you cash on your energy bills.

You’ll use your central heating plus a/c proposal less due to the wonderful programmable features on the smart control unit.

Also, you can switch out the battery when your smart control unit’s battery is running low. It does not require a special battery like other WIFI control units use to do. All you have to do is buy some basic double A batteries at the local store. The smart control unit will slide onto the wall with ease. You pop the batteries out plus put them into the new ones, then it attaches right back on the wall with no complications. It will take you literally 10 minutes. I was shocked by how convenient the smart control unit was in numerous ways when I first installed it. I was thinking it was going to be a technological disaster plus I was majorly on the fence about it before I purchased it. I’m so ecstatic that I really got the smart control unit plus took a chance, because I will never go back to a correct dial control unit or digital control unit. Smart control units will be the only way for me to operate the central heating plus a/c proposal moving forward separate from questions! No one will change my mind on that!



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