I wish I could reach somebody to help with this roof

I live in a rental residence which basically means I don’t particularly worry about the condition of the residence.

If the floors entirely become scratched or there are weeds in the garden, it doesn’t matter so much to me! This residence is not going to be my forever home.

It will be my residence for maybe a single year or so. Anything that happens I have to call a rental management agency. That is honestly a pain because the management corporation takes way too long to get back at me. When I had a cooling machine issue I was calling, texting and emailing the corporation for a long while until I heard back. The most recent issue I have been experiencing is with the roof. I observed that in the hallway there is a great deal of water damage on the ceiling. When it is raining water, it always runs into the hallway. There is genuinely a hole in the roof or it might be some issue with the insulation. The rental management agency should call for roofing repair or roofing insulation, however, I can’t get anybody to help with this problem. I have tried all forms of community… Honestly, nobody seems to care that the roof leaks and is damaging the ceiling and will damage the floor. I am certain that the owner of the rental residence cares, but they will never even know that I am making an attempt to help them… Right now the actual issue is a minor inconvenience. Eventually the residence will need a whole roof if it gets worse. As I have mentioned though, this isn’t my forever residence. I am only going to try for so much longer before I entirely end up giving up on the roof.


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