I wish that I owned my own HVAC units

I wish that I owned my own HVAC units.

  • Then, I wouldn’t have to worry about how terrible the service is in my apartment.

I rent an apartment, and I enjoy it. The apartment is very nice and taken care of, and my rent is affordable. The only thing that I do not like about living in this apartment is the fact that I can hardly ever get anything repaired in time. I have a furnace and a central air conditioner in this apartment, and they are pretty old. Thankfully, I am not the landlord, so I don’t have to worry about replacing the HVAC units when they eventually stop working altogether. However, since the HVAC units are so old, they break down frequently. Normally, the landlord would call an HVAC technician, and the HVAC technician would drive out here and repair the HVAC unit. However, this is not what our landlord does. Our landlord tries to save money by repairing the HVAC units himself, and he is not a good HVAC technician. I know that he doesn’t know much about HVAC units. He can perform basic repairs, but since he isn’t that experienced, it usually takes him a long time to actually fix the HVAC unit. This usually means that I am trapped inside my how with a broken HVAC unit feeling miserable for however long it takes him to fix it. If I owned my own HVAC units, then I could call the HVAC technician and get it over with. I hate being dependent upon my incompetent landlord to get my HVAC units repaired.

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