I Won an HVAC Membership

One of the highlights of my year is going to a local auction for charity with my family.

All of the proceeds go to a great cause and it’s always a fun night filled with dancing, eating, and socializing.

I love seeing all of the prizes that local companies provide, and it’s a great way to see people giving back. This year, I took my time looking at all of the auction items, and I stumbled upon something that I really wanted. One of the best HVAC companies was offering a full year of HVAC maintenance. The winner would be included in their annual HVAC comfort plan, which came with a list of benefits. Members of the HVAC comfort plan received 2 complimentary HVAC tune ups, a discount on parts and repairs, free labor, and priority scheduling. I was always struggling to keep up with my HVAC system’s demands, so this was really intriguing to me. The starting bid on the annual HVAC comfort plan was fifty dollars, which was a steal! I put my bidding number down and closely watched the sheet to see if anyone outbid me. A few others jotted their numbers down, but there wasn’t a ton of interest in it. I don’t think people understood what a good deal it was. Right before the bidding closed, I put my number down again and I won! I ended up paying one hundred dollars for that annual HVAC comfort plan. I couldn’t believe the deal I’d just won.


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